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Millenium Edition
Philip Kotler

Custom Edition for
University of Phoenix

Excerpts taken from:
A Framework for Marketing Management,
by Philip Kotler
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Marketing Management Millenium Edition, Tenth Edition,
by Philip Kotler
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Understanding Marketing Management

Marketing in the
We will address the following questions:
■ What are the tasks of marketing?
■ What are the major concepts and tools of marketing?
■ What orientations do companies exhibit in the marketplace?
■ How are companies and marketers responding to the new challenges?


hange is occurring at an accelerating rate; today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from today. Continuing today’s strategy is risky; so is turning
to a new strategy. Therefore, tomorrow’s successful companies will have to heed three

Global forces will continue to affect everyone’s business and personal life.


Technology will continue to advance and amaze us.


There will be a continuing push toward deregulation of the economic sector.

These three developments—globalization, technological advances, and deregulation—spell endless opportunities. But what is marketing and what does it have to do
with these issues?
Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social need...
Millenium Edition
Philip Kotler
Custom Edition for
University of Phoenix
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