Marketing is everything and everything is marketing

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Summary of Journal Article:
The 1990s, the domination of technology will create a new marketing
paradigm which is not simply buying and selling but a knowledge,
experience-based marketing and the relationship between customer and
The fast-paced technology development has moved rapidly into products,
workplace, and the marketplace. After seventy years they were invented,
technology has created mass purchases of household products as well as
other electronic devices.
The new technologies is utilized into production operations and it affects
consumer’s choices. As a results, as technology developed and competition
increased, companies are likely become customer driven to fit their
customer’s strategies. The massive change in customer’s choice also leads
to knowledge-based and experience-based marketing known as a new
marketing approach that integrates the customer into the company, creating
and sustaining a strong relationship between them, and at the same time,
allowing the customer to participate in the design of the products.
With so much choice for customers, the marketer must be the integrator
both internally- achieve market needs and externally- develop the customer
relationship. Therefore, a company known for its outstanding marketing
efforts attract the best employees, which in turn generate the best ideas,
which then result to the formation of quality relationships with the consumer.
“Marketing is everything and everything is marketing” Marketing is
like quality. Marketing is not a function and it has to be all-pervasive way of
doing business. Marketing is intangible that the customer must be
experience to appreciate- it creates a connection between marketers and the
consumer, this is known to be the one of the best ways that a marketer can
build up their companies.
“The goal of marketing is to own the market, not just to sell the
product “. The article mentions about two kinds of mistakes: internal focus
and market-share mentality- lack of understanding about the market.
Therefore, the author emphasizes the importance of owning the marketbecome a dominant force, leadership is ownership and this is a smart
strategy for companies to adapt it.

“Marketing evolves as technology evolves”. The technology embodies
adaptability, programmability, and customizability; now comes marketing

that delivers on those qualities. Today technology has created the promise of
"anything, anyway, any time." consumers look so much on details that
technology of a ...
! !
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“Marketing is everything and everything is marketing”*
“The goal of marketing is to own the market, not just to sell the
product “.
“Marketing evolves as technology evolves”"
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