Marketing Planning and strategy

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Three women and
a goose make
a marketplace.


Marketing and the
Concept of Planning
and Strategy

ver the years marketers have been presented with a series of philosophical
approaches to marketing decision making. One widely used approach is the
marketing concept approach, which directs the marketer to develop the product
offering, and indeed the entire marketing program, to meet the needs of the customer base. A key element in this approach is the need for information flow from
the market to the decision maker. Another approach is the systems approach, which
instructs the marketer to view the product not as an individual entity but as just
one aspect of the customer’s total need-satisfaction system. A third approach, the
environmental approach, portrays the marketing decision maker as the focal point
of numerous environments within which the firm operates and that affect the success of the firm’s marketing program. These environments frequently bear such
labels as legal-political, economic, competitive, consumer, market structure,
social, technological, and international.
Indeed, these and other philosophical approaches to marketing decision
making are merely descriptive frameworks that stress certain aspects of the firm’s
role vis-à-vis the strategic planning process. No matter what approach a firm follows, it needs a reference point for its decisions that is provided by the strategy
and the planning process involved in designing the strategy. Thus, the strategic
planning process is the guiding force behind decision making, regardless of the
approach one adopts. This relationship between the strategic planning process
and approaches to marketing decision making is depicted in Exhibit 1-1.
Planning perspectives develop in response to needs that arise internally or
that impinge on the organization from outside. During the 1950s and 1960s,
growth was the dominant fact of the economic environment, and the planning
processes developed during that time were typically geared to the discovery and
exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities. Decentralized planning was the
order of the day. Top management focused on reviewing major investment proposals and approving annual operating budgets. Long-range corporate plans




Marketing and the Concept of Planning and Strategy

CHAPTER 1 Marketing and the Concept of Planning and Strategy


Relationship between the Strategic Planning Process and Approaches to Mark...
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