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1. Based on the organization’s marketing, what market(s) and segment(s)
appear to be targeted?
* Targeted Segments
a) Geographic Segment
Mainly focusing on the big city , populated as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City , Da Nang , Hai Phong ...
The point is that two markets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City .
b) Demographic Segment
In this section refers to three aspects as age , income and occupation :
• Ages :
KFC has chosen the youth market with under the age of 30 , especially from the 17-29 age
group , families with children. First, type in the main business trends dynamic access to rapid
culture of young Vietnam . KFC also particularly interested in children .
• Income:
Those who have good income, stable market that KFC is the focus. For those who have a good
income, the product can be used, but often low-income people may also become customers of
KFC but the level of use of the product may not be regular.
• Occupation:
Students , university students , young people work in downtown
2.1.3 . PSYCHOLOGY segments
Vietnam is a fast developing countries in recent years. The development according to market
economy has led to the new life style, new trends, the young fast learner. That makes KFC basis
to believe their success when setting foot on Vietnam market.
2.1.4 . Behavior Segment
Conduct a survey on the causes of the rapid development of Lotteria and KFC , the answer from
most diners aged 17-29 are : convenient, delicious , affordable , including sew serving is
considered the most standard . So that KFC had a professional style in staff , room service , a
system of uniform distribution of goods and dense , the highest benefit to the customer .
* Targeted Market
- At the first stage KFC identified youth Vietnam (from 17 to 29 years old) is his target market.
This is a dynamic marketplace, the ability to access new culture as well as new trends or new
trends is very quickly. Therefore, the concept of fast food and self-service style has made
curiosity on young Vietnam. Besides, this is a fairly large segment of the population because
the VN population tower is young with the number of people under age 30 accounted for a large
- KFC Vietnam directs special attention to children through marketing programs dedicating
group of promising customers. The objectives of KFC are trademarks of KFC wants to become a
companion of potential customers right from an early age
- The major cities are densely concentrated, constantly expanding geographical administrative
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