Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star (Steve Cone)

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Praise for
Steal These Ideas!:
Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star
by Steve Cone
“Marketing mavens who treasure their jobs—or better yet,
want to move ahead—will find themselves constantly using
Cone’s incredible cache of ever-insightful tips and ideas as their
guide to innovation and success.”
Steve Forbes
CEO, Forbes Inc.

“With Steal These Ideas!, Steve Cone provides a clear and nononsense guide for getting it done now.”
Faith Popcorn
Founder and CEO, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve

“Loaded with lots of great marketing ideas. A steal at only $18.95.”
Al Ries
Author, The Origin of Brands

“I thought I would never need to read another marketing book
until I picked up Cone’s fun, fast, and fantastic guide that can
help any size business anywhere immediately go from ho-hum to worldclass marketing.”
Jon Linen
Vice Chairman, American Express

“With lots of good information on key marketing topics, Steve
Cone breaks down branding issues and delivers them with
a refreshing approach and wry sense of humor.”
Claire Rosenzweig, CAE, CPMP
President, Promotion Marketing Association, Inc.

“It’s not getting easier out there. So what’s one to do? You need
the hard-earned lessons provided by campaigns that worked
and someone who can extract their secret ingredients. Steve Cone
does all that with a true knowledge of our craft and the no-nonsense
approach of someone who knows, understands, and respects consumers.
Does he reveal too much? Yes! Now some of the best secrets
in our industry are all in one place for all to see.”
Daniel Morel
Chairman and CEO, Wunderman

“Entertaining, informed, accessible—Steal These Ideas! is all that
and more. I’ve been faxing pages to clients with a note saying,
‘Hey, read this. It’s by someone who learned from the same
mistakes you’re making and can make it all better.’ ”
Richard Laermer
CEO, RLM PR, and Author, Full Frontal PR

“ This book is filled with practical advice for marketers, and the considerable insight that Steve Cone provides can be used every single day.
The lessons he learned and shares are the culmination of his
unique career as a marketing visionary for more than three
Adam Aron
Chairman/CEO, Vail Resorts (Vail, CO)

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