Working across cultures

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The Financial Times
Extract from Unit 1 adapted from 'Barriers can give a competitive
edge', The Financial Times, 17 August 2004 (Witzel, M.l,
copyright © Financia l Times ltd: Extract from Unit 4 adapted
from 'Doing business in China: learn from Dell', The Financial
Times, t1 February 2005 (di Paola, P. and Manning, 1), copyright
© Financial Times lId; Extract from Unit 6 adapted from 'Ca se
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9 adapted from 'Can the new CEO end a culture clash after a
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Extract from Unit 13 adapted from 'Virtual teams need to build
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copyright © Financial Times Lld: Extract from Unit 14 adapted
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ISBN 978'1-408'2200)'0
Set in Metaplus, Times & ITC Cheltenham
Printed in Malaysia (CTP.WP)
Acknowl edgements
This series was developed and written by consultants
working with lTS Training and Consulting, Bath, a specialist
language and interculturaltraining company.
The author and publishers are grateful to the following teachers
who reported on earlier drafts of this ma terial: Au...
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