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By Jonathan Leger

$7 Secrets


Table of Contents

1. Why Information Is the Perfect Product
You need to be selling information–here’s why.
2. Information is Not Problem Free
Information’s four main problems.
3. The $7 Secrets Method
How the $7 Secrets method solves information’s problems.
4. Why $7 is More than $7
How I made $3,000 in 7 days selling a 30 page report.
5. Why Super Affiliates LOVE to Promote These $7 Reports
My affiliates sent 17,785 visitors in the first six days.
6. Putting It All Together
The five-step summary of my $7 Secrets method.
7. The Fastest, Easiest Way to Sell $7 Reports
Download the scripts I use to make it a breeze–free!
8. Why You Must Have Virtual Covers For Your Reports
Virtual covers dramatically increase sales.
9. Make Money With This Report
Earn back your $7 times 10, 100, or 1000–in minutes.
10. About the Author

$7 Secrets


Why Information is the Perfect Product
You need to be selling information–here’s why.

For over a decade now Internet Marketers have been touting the wonders of selling
information to people. I’m here to tell you–they were all right! I’ve been selling
information for a few years now, and earning many times more than my old day job used
to pay (and the amount I earn goes up every year).

Information is the perfect product for three reasons:

1. It’s easy to produce.
2. It’s inexpensive to produce.
3. It can be immediately received.

Information Is Easy To Produce

Informational products are very easy to produce if you already have some knowledge on
a subject that is considered valuable by others. Fortunately, given the huge diversity
across the web, it’s hard to come up with an informational topic that is not of value to

For example, if you want to write a report on how to save money on your taxes, and
you’ve been working for the IRS for ten years, then it’s just a matter of organizing what
you already know and laying it out into a report.

$7 Secrets


Or, if you’re a plumber and you are always running into problems with certain kinds of
products, you can write a report detailing the best shower heads, faucets, toilets, sinks,
etc. to buy when building or remodeling a new home. Again, you already have the
knowledge. It’s just a matter of organizing it into something useful to other people.

To produce this knowledge, you may find it helpful to come up with a table of contents
first. Then just flesh out each chapter into a few pages....
By Jonathan Leger
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