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How does the price get effect on customers’ belief?
Price is a factor which show the products’ quality. Almost of consumers rate the
products’ quality throughout its price. Consumers think price and quality of
product have a close relationship. If the price is high, the products’s quality is
good; if the price is low, its quality is bad. The belief comes from the knowledge,
so it gets an important effect on buying behavior. So businesses should pay a
special attention to the customers’ belief of products or the images of label.
Products with the reasonable price will attract the customers to buy products of
your enterprise. Vice verse, if your price is not reasonable, customers will pay their
money on the ther enterprises’ products. In competition,the products’ price are also
affect the ability selling of your business. If the enterprise lower the price too low,
the customers’ belief about the products will fall down. Besides, if the qulity is the
same but the customers’ services are not better than your competitors, customers
perhaps comes to your competitors. Thus, the ability to consume goods is low,
prestige is fall in customers’ mind. However, if the price is too high, the consumers
will be fragmented. The supervisor customers will be able to buy those products,
but the ordinary customers can not afford to buy. So, the enterprises will miss the
opportunity to earn money from those ordinary customers and makes the business’
profit will fall. In conclusion, every enterprise should have an appropriate policy
that show the good quality of products and suit with the customers’ income.
Competition play an important role in the production of goods in particular, and in
the field of economics in general, is motivating the development of production,
contributing to the economic development.
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