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E U R O P E Monday April 22 2013

China’s richest man

Elevator gossip
is never uplifting
Lucy Kellaway, Page 12

Tea with a shopping mall tycoon, Page 12
World Business Newspaper

News Briefing
US call to end
auditor anonymity
The head of the US audit
regulator has made a fresh
call for senior auditors to be
stripped of their anonymity
as details emerge from the
KPMG trading scandal.
Page 15

G4S Israel pullback
Security group G4S has
confirmed plans to quit
important Israeli contracts
amid protests against its
involvement in settlements
within occupied Palestinian
territories. Page 15

Case for Sprint deal
Charlie Ergen, chairman of
Dish Network, says his
pursuit of Sprint Nextel will
allow him to revolutionise
the way that mobile
advertisements are delivered
to consumers. Page 15; US
telcos pave way, Page 19

Bechtel in space plan
Engineering group Bechtel
has thrown its weight behind
Planetary Resources as an
investor and partner in a
mission to mine near-Earth
asteroids for raw materials
using robots. Page 15

Anti­austerity shift
Germany is not objecting to
more leniency on 2013 deficit
targets. Page 4; Editorial
Comment, Page 8; Wolfgang
Münchau, Page 9

$100m donation
Steve Schwarzman, the
founder of US investment
group Blackstone, is
donating $100m to establish
an international education
programme at Tsinghua
University in Beijing. Page 4

Saudi minister sacked
Saudi Arabia’s King
Abdullah has sacked the
deputy defence minister, who
until recently was considered
a strong contender to the
throne, in an unusually highprofile dismissal. Page 4

Global climate study
A study of temperatures over
the past 2,000 years
published by a team of 78
researchers from 24 countries
has lent fresh weight to the
“hockey stick” graph
suggesting humans caused
global warming. Page 3

Data shift
to give 3%
lift to US

Boston remembered Respects paid at London marathon

Intangible assets add billions to GDP
By Robin Harding in Washington

The US economy will officially
become 3 per cent bigger in July
as part of a shake-up that will
see government statistics take
into account 21st century components such as film royalties
and spending on research and
Billions of dollars of intangible assets will enter the gross
domestic product of the world’s
largest economy in a revision
aimed at capturing the changing
nature of US output.
Brent Moulton, who manages
the national accounts at the
Bureau of Economic Analysis,
told the Financial Times that
the update w...