Human Resource Planning

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Human resource planning
Words of Wisdom
‘People are the primary determinant of business performance,
If a firm’s people strategy is aligned with a consistent and
complementary innovation strategy then there is a high
probability of superior business performance.’
‘Outsource everything except your soul.’

Chapter Outline

The genesis of HR Planning
Human resource planning
Diversity management
Career management

Human resource planning

Human resource planning is the process of
systematically forecasting the future demand and
supply for employees and the deployment of their
skills within the strategic objectives of the

The genesis of HR Planning

‘Strategy for the acquisition, utilisation, improvement and
preservation of an organisation’s human resources.’
(Department of Employment, 1974)

• Were designed to fit in with the overall business strategy & plan.
• Represents a response by the personnel function
 Ensure that the necessary supply of people is forthcoming
 Allow measurable financial & production targets to be met.

The genesis of HR Planning

Human resource planning

The rationalized approach

Diagnostic approach

 Focus on the plan as solution for
current problem

 Recognised planning as a process
of learning about HR problems

 Suitable for the application of
statistical techniques

 Combine quantitative &
qualitative planning techniques

 Limitations:
 Complex approach, deal with
many data
 Is not really realistic in the real

Human resource planning

Human resource planning

 Losing staff is seen as a loss of intellectual capital
 The replacement of ‘knowledge workers’ can be
expensive and time-consuming.
 Social capital is the value of relationships between
people, embedded in network links, which is
reduced when people leave

Human resource planning

Reasons can be down to:


Economic or labour market (external factors)
Psychological – emphasis on feelings & perceptions

Human resource planning


Studies show that it is beneficial
to adopt a ‘high road’ HRM




This is characterized by low pay,
low job security and work


People being viewed as a resource
whose cost must be controlled.

High training
High involvement
High rewards
Quality commitment

It requires a belief by senior
management that people represent
the key source of competitive

  Losing staff,

loss of skill,
knowledge, wisdom and

Human resource...
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