Money Mastery

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Money Mastery
10 Principles That Will Change
Your Financial Life Forever


Franklin Lakes, NJ

Copyright © 2002 by Alan Williams, Peter Jeppson, Sanford Botkin
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Money Mastery
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Williams, Alan M.
Money mastery : 10 principles that will change your financial life forever /
by Alan M. Williams, Peter R. Jeppson, Sanford C. Botkin.
p. cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 1-56414-610-3 (pbk.)
R. II. Botkin, Sanford C. III. Title.
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oney Mastery is a work of the ages. Its ideas, principles, and
methods are the accumulated time-value works of the financially secure from ancient to modern times. It is precisely for
this reason that Money Mastery cannot be considered the
work of just a few and to recognize all that have contributed to this book
would be impossible—it is truly the work of many. However, the authors
wish to acknowledge those individuals who have been instrumental in the
creation of this work and who have inspired and enlightened us as we have
sought to bring the power of the Money Mastery ideas to you, the reader.
We must first acknowledge George S. Clason’s ageless compilation of
The Richest Man in Babylon as the wonderful philosophical basis for the Money
Mastery principles. The essence of paying oneself, dealing forthrightly with
debt, and seeking financial mentors is what this book is built upon.
To Larry Adamson, a friend and partner, we express thanks for his technical expertise and inspiration in helping create a total financial management
system that helps people make the most of the money they already have and
aids th...