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Effective Inventory Analysis
By Jon Schreibfeder


Effective Inventory Management, Inc.

This report is the sixth in a series of white papers designed to help forward-thinking
distributors increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability with smart inventory
management strategies based on tried and proven methods and best practices.
Inventory is the largest and probably the most important asset of many distributors. More
money is likely tied up in inventory than in buildings or equipment. And inventory is usually
less “liquid” than accounts receivable. That is, it’s harder to turn inventory back into cash to pay
employees and expenses. If distributors do not have this money invested in the right amount
of the right products, they cannot provide the service to customers necessary to be successful.
It is crucial that every distributor develops and uses a comprehensive set of tools that allows
them to closely monitor the performance of their investment in inventory. In this document
we will discuss several simple measurements that will help ensure that you are maximizing the
profitability and productivity of your investment in inventory.

Customer Service Level
The first measurement is “customer service level,” or how often you have the items you’ve committed to stock when your
customers want them. It is the most important measurement because if you don’t have what your customers want, when they
want it, they will probably look for it elsewhere. The customer service level is calculated with the following formula:

Number of line items for stocked products shipped complete in one shipment by the promise date
Total number of line items for stocked products ordered
Notice that we measure line items shipped complete. That is, when the entire quantity ordered is delivered by the date promised
to the customer. If the customer orders ten pieces, and you ship ten pieces, you get credit toward the customer service level. But
if a customer orders 25 pieces, and you ship only 24 pieces before the promise date, you get no credit. Why no “partial credit”
for shipping 24 out of 25 pieces?
•	 If the customer wanted 24 pieces, he or she would have ordered 24 pieces. They want 25! The customer has to find
that last one somewhere else. Probably at your competitor’s warehouse down the street.
•	 Even if your customer doesn’t immediately need all 25 pieces and can wait for you to receive more in a replenishment
shipment, your failure to have all 25 pieces in stock c...
Effective Inventory Analysis
By Jon Schreibfeder
Effective Inventory Management, Inc.
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