Think Like A Copywriter

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Think like a copywriter
by Alastaire Allday

Alastaire Allday is a freelance copywriter based in London, England.
He is available for public speaking engagements and corporate training days
in addition to consultancy services and copywriting commissions.
His personal website is 
and he tweets @alldaycreative

Part 1 – The essentials: three things you need to know to write well.
Chapter 1: Free Your Mind
Chapter 2: Speak The Truth
Chapter 3: Head or Heart?
Part 2 – Beyond words: three related skills that will help you write better.
Chapter 4: Tone of voice
Chapter 5: Design and concept
Chapter 6: Write drunk, edit sober
Part 3 – Practical applications: using your skills where they’re needed most.
Chapter 7: Copywriting for the web
Chapter 8: B2B copywriting that sells, not smells
Chapter 9: Be creative, break the rules




This book will not change your life. In fact, it won't even teach you to write copy.
This book won't teach you how to be a copywriter. This book believes you
already know.
You can read. You can write. And you've been exposed to every possible
variety of copy since the day you were born. You have all the knowledge you
Instead, this book will take what you already know and teach you how to
separate good advice from bad. It won't teach you new tricks. It will help you
forget the bad ones you've already learned.
Good copywriters don't use tricks. They use tools. You'll be learning what
they are, and how to use them, starting in chapter 1.


You will learn the mindset, the process, and the analytical framework required
to be able to write high quality copy for practically any purpose — from
websites to print ads. Best of all, you'll learn it all in under a day.
This book takes a couple of hours to read. The exercises can be done in an
afternoon. The book is based on a one day training programme I devised last
year to help teach a friend who wanted to ‘get into the business’. My aim was
to give them as much knowledge I could in a day.
In nine chapters and seventeen hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to think
diferently about the writing process, create your own copy, edit it, and fnd
out how your copy fts in with the rest of the creative process.
This book is ideal for:


small business owners who want to write their own copy


web designers and art directors who want to understand the
copywriting process


bigger businesses looking to gain insight into ...
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