Writing From Sources

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from Sources

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from Sources


Brenda Spatt
The City University of New York




New York

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To the Instructor

I like to think of Writing from Sources as the college textbook that explains
everything that first-year students need to know about writing a research essay.
According to one instructor, “There is nothing that is not in the text” of Writing
from Sources. Its comprehensive, step-by-step approach, building gradually in
complexity, reinforced with a wealth of examples and opportunities for practice, provides the solid foundation in reading and writing skills that many of
your students may lack or only partially may have acquired.
What would you like your students to achieve in your course? You want
them to read critically, alertly, and analytically so that they can evaluate research materials; to convey their understanding of what they read through the
skills of summary, quotation, and parap...
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