A Student' s Guide to Einstein' s Major Papers

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A Student’s Guide to Einstein’s Major Papers

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A Student’s Guide
to Einstein’s Major Papers
Robert E. Kennedy
Department of Physics, Creighton University



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1 Setting the Stage for 1905
1.1 Overview


1.2 Historical Background
1.2.1 600 BC to AD 200: The Contribution of the
Early Greeks
1.2.2 The 1600s: The Contribution of Galileo and Newton
1.2.3 The 1800s: The Contribution of Maxwell and Lorentz
1.2.4 The Worldview in 1900
1.3 Albert Einstein
1.3.1 The Pre-College Years
1.3.2 The College Years
1.3.3 From College to 1905
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