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Low voltage

Masterpact NT
and NW
LV power circuit breakers
and switch-disconnectors


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Masterpact NT and NW

The standard for power
circuit breakers
around the world.
Over the years, other major manufacturers have tried to keep up by
developing products incorporating Masterpact’s most innovative features,
including the breaking principle, modular design and the use of composite
In addition to the traditional features of power circuit breakers
(withdrawability, discrimination and low maintenance), Masterpact NT and
NW ranges offer built-in communications and metering functions, all in
optimised frame sizes.
Masterpact NT and NW incorporate the latest technology to enhance both
performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive
operation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are,
quite simply, circuit breakers of their time.


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Covering all your applications
Masterpact meets the needs of all types of LV electrical distribution
> Hotels
> Hospitals
> Offices
> Retail

Data Centres
and Networks
> Mining and minerals
> Automotive
> Food and beverage
> Chemical industry

Energy and
> Airports
> Oil and gas
> Water
> Electrical energy
> Marine

An answer to specific

Whenever high short circuit
is involved

>	 1000 V for mining applications
>	 Direct current networks
>	 Corrosion protection
>	 Switch-disconnectors and earthing switches
>	 Automatic transfer switching equipment

Masterpact UR is a low voltage ultra rapid
opening circuit breaker. Its fault detection rate
and its reaction speed mean that it will stop a
short circuit from developing. As a result, this is
the key component in very high power
installations equipped with a number of power
sources connected in parallel.

(ATSE) for emergency power systems

>	 High electrical endurance applications:
Masterpact NT H2 is a high performance
device offering high breaking capacity
(Icu: 50 kA/480 V) and a high level of
discrimination, all in a small volume.

Masterpact UR truly comes into its own when
short circuit currents can reach very high levels
and when continuity of service is a must:
offshore installations, cement plants,
petrochemical industry. It is also especially
suited to electrical installations on board

All standards
Masterpact is compliant with int...
Low voltage
Masterpact NT
and NW
LV power circuit breakers
and switch-disconnectors
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