ACCR Combined Metric

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3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR)
High-capacity transmission conductor
Metric Units

More amps, more confidence


3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced

In today’s complex world, protecting grid integrity is a growing challenge. Aging
infrastructure is burdened with changing power flows as renewable generation
is integrated and traditional sources are retired. All of this is happening
amid growing environmental and regulatory concerns. 3M offers a fast and
potentially cost-saving way to increase capacity, achieve greater clearances
and meet today’s strict reliability standards – helping you keep the lights on for
years to come.

Now you have
Advanced technology to protect your grid
To learn more
about 3M™ ACCR,
NERC reliability
standards, and
managing grid
integrity in a
changing world,
download our
white papers at

To help solve today’s toughest transmission challenges, 3M developed an advanced, high-capacity overhead transmission conductor:
3M™ ACCR (Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced). It is engineered to maximize the capacity of existing lines, helping you
provide a more robust and flexible grid. Reconductoring with 3M™ ACCR can help you alleviate the scheduling, budgetary and regulatory
risks of upgrading lines in areas with dense populations, strict permitting requirements or limited land availability.
3M ACCR is designed to replace ACSR or ACSS on existing structures at the same tensions and clearances, giving you up to twice
the ampacity without the risks of a major construction project. Your line can be back in service fast, within budget, and with minimal
community and environmental impacts. And 3M ACCR has proven its reliability in installations around the world – so you can be
confident in the integrity of your transmission lines, even in challenging environments.

Maximize the value of your grid
Running more amps on existing structures can reduce ratepayer impacts from major upgrade projects while delivering more value to
shareholders from existing assets. Upgrading with 3M ACCR can also help relieve transmission constraints, simplify compliance with
regulatory standards, enhance reliability and provide a robust system to support your advanced grid investments.
Most importantly, 3M ACCR’s dependable operation helps protect the integrity of your grid – for long-term value you can count on.


the power!
What is 3M ACCR?

Inside the technology

This high-capacity transmission...
Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR)
High-capacity transmission conductor
Metric Units
More amps, more confidence
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