Applied Thermodynamics, 3rd Edition (2009)

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Preface to the Third Edition
I feel extremely encouraged at the good response to this textbook. Looking upon the feed back
received from its readers third edition of the book is being presented here.
In this edition number of solved and unsolved problems have been added in some of the chapters
and a few new topics have also been added.
I wish to express my sincere thanks to Professors and students for their valuable suggestions
and recommending the book to their students and friends.
I strongly feel that the book would prove to be further useful to students. I would be obliged for
the errors, omissions and suggestions brought to my notice for improvement of the book in its next

Onkar Singh

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Preface to the First Edition
During teaching of the course of engineering thermodynamics and applied thermodynamics I
have felt that the students at the undergraduate level of engineering and technology face difficulty in
understanding the concepts of engineering thermodynamics and their applications in the course of
applied thermodynamics. Also, the students face great difficulty in referring to the number of textbooks for different topics. The present book is an effort in the direction of presenting the concepts of
engineering thermodynamics and their applications in clear, concise and systematic manner at one
place. Presentation is made in very simple and easily understandable language and well supported
with wide ranging illustrations and numerical problems.
The subject matter in this book covers the syllabus of the basic and advanced course on
engineering thermodynamics/thermal engineering being taught in different institutions and universities across the country. There are total 18 chapters in this book. The initial seven chapters cover the
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Applied Thermodynamics, 3rd Edition (2009) - Người đăng: ngocbao090492
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