Autoclave System

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Together with

Distributed by
Shreddering and Recycling Machinaries

Scheme of an automatic separation plant for municipal solid wastes MSW, made
up of 2 parallel 15 tons autoclaves each one.

Municipal Solid Wastes are automatically and
enterely broken up into recyclable materials and
(from putrescent materials) cellulose fibres.
System is modular, starting from minimum 2
Every autoclave has a capacity of 3,7 o 15 tons of
wastes for each cycle, which lasts 144 minuts (up
to a maximum od 10 daily cycles each one)
The recyclable materials exstracted (metals,
plastics, glass, …) are then cleaned and
sterelyzed, acquiring a strong commercial value
and only more to separate from the flock (thing
that happens in full authomatism)
The organic materials are reduced into cellulose
fibres, so producing a new inert material which
can be used for energy production or as raw
material : this is « Flock »
At the end of the selection less than 10% of wastes
(that is inert mud) is discharged, in a context in
which the landfills are always more rare and
expensive, further than not accepted from the
The efficacy of the separation maybe to counsel the NOT differenciated municipal solid wastes
collection, but really the results obtained from the differenciated collection are better, at least in
reference to the biogas obtained to end of workmanship!
A complete installation is exstremely profitable (optimal income, minimal functionning costs, complete
energetic autonomy) and rapidly payble off (2 years average)
Emissions are far inferior in comparison to the imposed limit by the current european legislations:
practically inexistent!



Differenciated Municipal Solid Wastes MSW
Undifferenciated Municipal Solid Wastes
Organic Wastes from supermarkets
Organic Wastes from food industry
Restaurants and shops wastes
Dry animal dejections and carcasses
Contaminated organic materials

Green wastes from gardening

en aluminium

(avant et après traitement)
and after treatment)

de 1,5l
1,5 lten

Flock »

(volume réduit de 70%)
reduced of 70%)

(formé à partir des matières
from organic


Wastes are shreddered and loaded on the first free autoclave
through a withdrawable belt
 Once the autoclave is full (with 3,7 or 15 tons), the load door is
closed and the drum starts a continual rotative movement
 Empty is so create...
Distributed by
Shreddering and Recycling Machinaries
Together with
Autoclave System - Trang 2
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