Bài giảng vật lý neutron dành cho các kỹ sư công nghệ hạt nhân - Nuclear Principles in Engineering

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Nuclear Principles in Engineering
Second edition

Tatjana Jevremovic

Nuclear Principles
in Engineering
Second edition


Tatjana Jevremovic
Purdue University
School of Nuclear Engineering
West Lafayette IN 47907-1290
1290, Nuclear Engineering Building

ISBN 978-0-387-85607-0
DOI 10.1007/978-0-387-85608-7

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This book is dedicated to my mother


Nuclear Principles in Engineering is an appropriate starting point for the
new series Smart Energy Systems: Nanowatts to Terawatts. Not only
because the nuclear universe stands at the boundary of human knowledge
with respect to scale, but also, and most importantly, because nuclear ideas
have a largely untapped potential for new sources of energy. When viewed
in this light, nuclear principles offer renewed hope for energy innovation
much needed by a global community confronting the inescapable
environmental and geological limitations of fossil fuels.
The realm of nuclear processes occupies tiny microscopic dimensions, in
the range of 10−15 meter or femtometer. It is a realm inaccessible by our
senses, yet intelligible through the power of modern physics. The book
brings the nuclear universe into clear view for the benefit of technical
pedagogy and technological development. A plethora of existing
technologies can be traced to the fruitful application of nuclear principles,
including, but not limited to, weaponry, atomic and nuclear energy, medicine
and instrumentation. The number is likely to grow as innovations are needed
in smart materials, nanostructures, space, homeland security and biomedical
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