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The world is currently faced with two significant problems – fossil fuel depletion and
environmental degradation – which are continuously being exacerbated due to increasing global energy consumption. As a substitute for petroleum, renewable fuels are
receiving increasing attention due to a variety of environmental, economic, and societal
benefits. First-generation biofuels – ethanol from sugar or corn and biodiesel from vegetable oils – are already on the market. The goal of this book is to introduce readers to
the second-generation biofuels obtained from nonfood biomass, such as forest residue,
agricultural residue, switchgrass, corn stover, waste wood, and municipal solid wastes.
Various technologies are discussed, including cellulosic ethanol, biomass gasification,
synthesis of diesel and gasoline, biocrude by hydrothermal liquefaction, bio-oil by fast
pyrolysis, and the upgradation of biofuel. This book strives to serve as a comprehensive
document presenting various technological pathways and environmental and economic
issues related to biofuels.
Dr. Ram B. Gupta is the PWS Distinguished Chair Professor and Chair of the Chemical Engineering Graduate Program at Auburn University. He has published numerous
research papers and holds several patents on biofuels, nanotechnology, hydrogen fuel,
and supercritical fluid technology and is the recipient of several national awards. He is a
Fellow of the Alabama Academy of Science. He served on the editorial advisory boards
of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research and Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology,
Biology and Medicine and is currently serving on the editorial boards of Journal of
Biomedical Nanotechnology, Research Letters in Nanotechnology, Open Nanomedicine
Journal, International Journal of Chemical Engineering, and Research Letters in Chemical Engineering. His recent books are Nanoparticle Technology for Drug Delivery, Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Fuel: Production, Transport, and
Dr. Ayhan Demirbas is Professor and Vice Rector at Sirnak University. His research
on renewable and sustainable energy has been published in 445 scientific papers. He
served on the editorial advisory board of Energy Conversion and Management and is
currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Energy Education Science and Technology
Part A: Energy Science and Research, Energy Education Science a...
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