Biomass combustion boilers

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General description of the boilers
As a common feature, each type of boiler system consists of a combustion chamber placed above an overfeed stoker, underfeed stoker or a solid grate, and a vertical or horizontal
exchanger. There is also a water-tube membrane combustion chamber. During instances of lower capacity, the chamber is only cooled by combustion air. The front part includes an inlet fuel neck. The fuel is forced via a hydraulic or screw feeder above the front part of the grate. The inlet neck is heated by hot water, whereby which the fuel undergoes pre-drying.
The boilers are supplied with all fittings, including insulation and metal sheeting. Ashes can be cleared from the boiler at the end of the grate either by a screw mechanism or
different mechanical means. Flue gases flow out of the combustion chamber to a vertical or horizontal flue gas exchanger. The flue gas outlet from the exchanger can be tailored to
the location of the boiler room according to individual plans.

1. Step KS boilers can be structurally adapted for combusting
whole round bales.

2. The ideal size of a waste maize bale for combustion in Step
KS boilers.

3. An example of one of the reference boiler plants for burning
whole bales of straw, hay, flax, pressed paper boxes, etc.,
based at Step TRUTNOV. This boiler has received a „Gold
Award“ from the Czech Building Academy and was rated the
2009 Best Building Product/Technology.
(Tested under continuous measurement of emissions)

Boiler description
Two basic types exist that enable whole bales of any plant product to be burnt without prior splitting and cutting:
boilers with the power output of 100 to 1000 kW, which can burn bales in a vertical position, and boilers outputting
600 kW to 5000 kW, where a whole bale of straw, hay and other vegetable fuel is incinerated in a horizontal
position, whilst other options include warm-water, hot-water, steam or hot-air boilers.

Boiler classification according to fuel
The catalogue describes the company‘s boilers by fuel type. The first part includes new and completely unique boiler designs, allowing whole bales of plant biomass to be burnt
without splitting or cutting them first, which saves electricity in the order of tens of kW per hour compared to types requiring bales to be split. This new method for firing whole bales
has proven useful, especially recently, when there is an increased inte...
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