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LA range
new industrial sandwich panels for cold stores, catering, processing areas...

LA range


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The perfect merging of performance and safety
New fire regulations

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High-performance panels

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Technical features

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Sealing and finishing systems

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Mechanical properties

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A few reminders of standards, tests and

LA range

The perfect merging of performance and safety
The agro-food industries, which process and preserve food, must ensure that quality is maintained
at all times and avoid the risk of proliferation of dangerous bacteria for consumers.
This means preparing and storing food at controlled temperatures and respecting strict hygienic
rules. In order to guarantee these conditions, premises must be made of insulating materials in
accordance with current sanitary standards. (HACCP)
Polyurethane (PUR) foam core sandwich panel systems are currently the best way of matching
these conditions. They combine one of the highest insulation coefficients with good mechanical
strength. One of the main properties of PUR is that it is not affected by moisture (no internal damage or capillarity effect).
Our LA panel is designed to meet the most stringent hygiene standards. It comes in different thicknesses in order to optimise heat insulation according to the inside temperature required.

New fire regulations
Euroclasses have been developed to harmonise the classification of the reaction to fire performance of products on a European level. Euroclass certification is based on several strict parameters,
such as flammability, smoke toxicity, falling of residue, etc.
Nowaday many buildings are still destroyed by fire every year. In order to facilitate the access of
fire fighters and the evacuation of occupants and to limit the propagation of flames insofar as possible, insurance companies have defined design criteria for construction panels and regulations for
using them.
Private half and full-scale tests consider special building details (corners, junctions, ceilings, etc.)
and test fire propagation.
Our T14-A document, produced by the French federation of insurance companies (FFSA, exAPSAD), defines fire performance tests and rules for using insulating panels.
The LA panel, used for both walls and ceilings (suspended by a loadbearing T-section), has passed the different tests successfully.

LA range
new industrial sandwich panels for cold stores, catering, processing areas...
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