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This air-water system are for use in perimeter rooms of
multi-story, multi-room buildings where cooling or heating may be
required simultaneously in adjacent rooms and where space allotted
for ductwork is at a minimum.
This part of the System Design Manual presents data and
engineering procedures to guide the engineer in the practical
designing of air-water systems.
The text of this Manual is offered as a general guide for
the use of industry and of consulting engineers in designing systems.
Judgment is required for application to specific installation, and
Carrier is not responsible for any uses made of this text.

induction unit system


primary air fan-coil system



Part 11. Air-Water System | Chapter 1. Induction Unit System

The induction unit system is designed for use in
perimeter rooms of multi-story, multi-room building such
as office buildings, hotels, hospital patient rooms and
apartments. Specifically, it is designed for buildings that
have reversing sensible heat characteristics in which
cooling may be required in one room and heating may be
required in a adjacent room. In addition, it is especially
adapted to handle the loads of modern skyscrapers with
minimum space requirements for mechanical equipment.
This chapter includes System Description, System
Features, Design Considerations, Engineering Procedure
for designing the system, Controls and System


Some of the features of the induction unit system are
the following:
1. Small Space Requirements — The use of water to
provide a major portion of the room cooling
requirements reduces the air quantity distributed to
each space when compared to the air quantity
distributed in an all-air system. Thus, less space is
required for both the air distribution system and the
central air handling apparatus. At the same time
adequate and constant room air circulation is main
tained by the high induction of the secondary air
from the room. In addition, the smaller primary air
quantity can be distributed at high velocity without
any increase in power requirements over systems
using much more air with conventional distribution
2. Individual Room Control — Zoning problems are
solved since each room is a zone. Simultaneous
heating or cooling is available in adjacent rooms
when required.
3. Winter Downdraft Eliminated — The unit design
permits under-the-window installation, elimina...
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