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For further information, contact:

NABCO Company
Tokyo Office

9-18, Kaigan 1-chome,Minato-ku,

(Overseas Marketing) Tokyo, 105-0022, Japan

Phone +81(0)3-5470-2416

URL http: //nabco.nabtesco.com/english/

All specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
CAT. No. D501O 807 0508 01GT

, the“standard”for sliding doors
NABCO Automatic Doors have been developed in response to requirements for high level comforts.
Since our introduction of Automatic Doors to Japan in 1956, NABCO has sold over one million automatic doors
and maintained a leadership role to the Japanese Automatic Door industry.
We have introduced the DS-60/ 75/150 as advanced automatic doors for the 21st century under the theme
of The next generation in comfort . The DS-60/ 75/150 offers improved strength and durability through
brushless DC motors, high accuracy gears, aluminum strengthened rollers and stainless steel hanger rails.
NABCO's commitment is to provide new levels of comfort to our automatic door users by introducing
various new features such as; a controller with self-diagnosis function, thermal protector equipped operators,
program switches for selecting door operation modes, and more.
The DS-60/ 75/150 series provides a wide range of features to meet the specifications of fast operation
required in light doors used in store fronts as well as heavy doors in office buildings. These units provide the
high level of comfortable performance to meet the requirements of the next generation.

DS series

Thinking a Step Ahead
NABCO aims comforts with higher quality

EOS battery unit(option)


Opens or closes the door during power
failures or in emergency conditions.
(To be used with EOS-corresponded controller)

Electric lock(option)
Fail-secure type
Fail-safe type


NABCO original software.

Low noise timing belt

Thermal protector-equipped
brushless DC motor.
Mono-composition of precise
hypoid reduction gear.

Hanger rail
Longer durability is achieved
by using stainless steel

Door operator

Door hanger
Strengthened by using aluminum for
roller with urethane rubber coating.
Reduced operating noise is attained
by coating the rollers with urethane rubber.

Aluminum rail base
Ensures accurate assembly
of equipment

Door stopper

Consists of on-off switch for
maintenance and Handy
Terminal connector.

This overview is an installation example of DS-150 with EOS emergency control system and Electric Lock.

Tokyo Office
Overseas Marketing
18,Kaigan 1-chome,Minato-ku, 
Tokyo, 105
0022, Japan
For further information, contact:
All specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
URL http://nabco.nabtesco.com/english/
CAT. No. D501O 807 0508 01GT
NABCO Company
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