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Contactors and
Overload relays
Super Solution

The Challenges and Growth achieved by LG
will continue with New Will of LS Industrial Systems.

New Name of LG Industrial Systems,
New Take-off for LS Industrial Systems

To advance to the next level,
LG Industrial Systems is reborn as LS Industrial Systems.
LS Industrial Systems will continue to lead the future
of industrial electrics and automation by providing
Total Solution, a core essential
for competition in the 21st century industrial era.

Research & Development
We provide differentiated values.
The world-class Power Testing & Technology Institute guarantees
certified products and global brands.
The PT&TI is an accredited testing laboratory that provides a worldwide testing service with a
1500MVA-capacity High Power Laboratory, a High Voltage Laboratory, and a Reliability Testing
Laboratory. Its testing has been fully acknowledged and recognized by overseas testing certification
bodies, such as KEMA of Netherlands, UL of USA, and CE of the EU for its low voltage testing.

Global technology and R&D are behind the best industrial
Electric power and automation products from LSIS

Quality Test at PT&T

High Voltage Test / Impulse Test

Characteristics Test / VCB Characteristics Test

Electro Technology R&D Center
The Electro Technology R&D Center focuses on
overall research and development activities related
to power supply systems such as low and high
voltage equipment as well as integrated digital
networks, automatic switchboards and integrated
power protection.
The R&D Center maximizes energy efficiencies by
integrating rapidly developing information &
technology, communication, electronics and
mechanical engineering, while concentrating its
efforts in creating a safe and pleasant industrial
●Power Equipments
The R&D Center researches products and technologies related to
low and high voltage circuit breakers and contactors as well as
power transmission & distribution.

●Electric Technology
The R&D Center analyzes and researches core technologies related
to power equipment.

The R&D Center carries out projects and technology research in the
fields of SCADA and DAS.

The R&D Center predicts probable electrocution hazards by
conducting simulated analyses of power generation phenomena,
and develops simulation technologies and products that can
optimize the constituent facilities.

Short-Circuit Test / ACB Short-circuit Test

Environmental Tes...
Contactors and
Overload relays
Super Solution
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