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Study Guide

Michael Pastore

San Francisco • London
Copyright ©2003 SYBEX, Inc., Alameda, CA


I want to thank…
…First, I would like to thank my wife, Sheryl, for her support and encouragement throughout the writing of this book. I also want to acknowledge
my son Mark and my daughter Erin. Thank you for being there for me, as
you always have been during this process.
…Second, special thanks are extended to Rod Jackson for his work on the
Flash Cards and the Bonus Exams, and to Emmett Dulaney for his work
on the Glossary.
…Third, to the talented Sybex staff who assisted me: their hard work and
dedication in getting this book done was impressive.

Copyright ©2003 SYBEX, Inc., Alameda, CA


If you are preparing to take the Security+ exam, you will undoubtedly
want to find as much information as you can concerning computer and physical security. The more information you have at your disposal and the more
hands-on experience you gain, the better off you will be when attempting
the exam. This study guide was written with that in mind. We have attempted
to dispense as much information as we can about computer security. The key
was to provide enough information so that you will be prepared for the
test but not too much so that you will be overloaded. Using the CompTIA
Security+ Exam Guide found on the CompTIA website, we have arranged
this book into chapters that represent the exam objectives. If you need to
concentrate on a particular objective, you will find everything you need within
the chapter on which the objective is based.
This book presents the material at an intermediate technical level. Experience with, and understanding of security concepts, operating systems, and
applications systems will help you get a full understanding of the challenges
facing you as a security professional.
We’ve included review questions at the end of each chapter to give you a
taste of what it’s like to take the exam. If you’re already working in the security field, we recommend that you check out these questions first to gauge
your level of expertise. You can then use the book mainly to fill in the gaps
in your current knowledge. You may find, as many administrators have, that
working on a daily basis with security issues may not allow you to actually
obtain a deep knowledge of the field. Using this study guide will help you
round out your knowledge base before tackling the exam.
If you can answer 80 perce...
San Francisco • London
Study Guide
Michael Pastore
Copyright ©2003 SYBEX, Inc., Alameda, CA
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