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Wire Bonding in

About the Author
George G. Harman is a retired
Fellow of the National Institute
of Standards and Technology
(NIST). He has a BS in industrial
physics from Virginia Polytechnic
Institute & State University and an
MS in physics from the University
of Maryland (1959). Harman is a
former President of IMAPS (1995–1996) and Chair of
the IEEE CPMT Fellow Committee (1988–2002). He is
a life fellow of both IMAPS and of the IEEE. He has
held many other elected and appointed positions in
those societies, and is a member of the ITRS Roadmap
Committee for Assembly and Packaging (for more
than 10 years).
He is widely considered to be the world’s foremost
authority on wire bonding. Harman has published
more than 60 papers, 3 books on wire bonding (the
3 editions of Wire Bonding in Microelectronics), 8 book
chapters, 4 patents, and has given about 100, 8-hour,
short courses on wire bonding around the world (over
the past 30 years). He has received numerous awards,
both domestically and internationally. His most recent
were the IMAPS “Lifetime Achievement Award” (2006)
and the IEEE “Field Award for Components, Packaging,
and Manufacturing Technology” (2009).

Wire Bonding in
George Harman

Third Edition

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