Control and Estimation of system with inputoutput Delay

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Lecture Notes
in Control and Information Sciences
Editors: M. Thoma, M. Morari


Huanshui Zhang, Lihua Xie

Control and Estimation
of Systems with
Input/Output Delays


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F. Allgöwer, P. Fleming, P. Kokotovic,
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Professor Lihua Xie
School of EEE, BLK S2
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Ave.
Singapore 639798
Email: elhxie@ntu.edu.sg

Professor Huanshui Zhang
School of Control Science and Engineering
Shandong University
P.R. China
Email: hszhang@sdu.edu.cn

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Time delay systems exist in many engineering fields such as transportation,
communication, process engineering and more recently networked control systems. In recent years, time delay systems have attracted recurring interests from
research community. Much of the research work has been focused on stability
analysis and stabilization of time delay systems using the so-called LyapunovKrasovskii functionals and linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach. While the
LMI approach does provide an efficient tool for handling systems with delays in
state and/or inputs, the LMI based results a...
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