Digita Signal Processing using MatLab v4

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Students learn in a number of ways and in a variety of settings. They learn
through lectures, in informal study groups, or alone at their desks or in
front of a computer terminal. Wherever the location, students learn most
efficiently by solving problems, with frequent feedback from an instructor, following a worked-out problem as a model. Worked-out problems
have a number of positive aspects. They can capture the essence of a
key concept -often better than paragraphs of explanation. They provide
methods for acquiring new knowledge and for evaluating its use. They
provide a taste of real-life issues and demonstrate techniques for solving
real problems. Most important, they encourage h i v e participation in
We created the BookWare Companion Series because we saw an unfulfilled need for computer-baaed learning tools that address the computational aspects of problem solving across the curriculum. The BC series
concept was also shaped by other forces: a general agreement among instructors that students learn best when they are actively involved in their
own learning, and the realization that textbooks have not kept up with or
matched student learning needs. Educators and publishers are just beginning to understand that the amount of material crammed into most textbooks cannot be absorbed, let alone the knowledge to be mastered in four
years of undergraduate study. Rather than attempting to teach students
all the latest knowledge, colleges and universities are now striving to teach
them to reason: to understand the relationships and connections between
new information and existing knowledge; and to cultivate problem-solving
skills, intuition, and critical thinking. The BookWare Companion Series
was developed in response to this changing mission.
Specifically, the BookWare Companion Series was designed for educators who wish to integrate their curriculum with computer-based learning
tools, and for students who find their current textbooks overwhelming.
The former will find in the BookWare Companion Series the means by
which to use powerful software tools to support their course activities,
without having to customize the applications themselves. The latter will
find relevant problems and examples quickly and easily and have instant
electronic access to them.

We hope that the BC series will become a clearinghouse for the exchange of reliable teaching ideas and a baseline series for incorporating
learning advances from emerging technologies...
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