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DOE/CE - 0384

Revision 3

January 1993

DOE/CE - 0384

Electric Motor
Prepared by
Gilbert A. McCoy
Todd Litman
John G. Douglass
Washington State Energy Office
Olympia, Washington

Funded by
The Bonneville Power
United States
Department of Energy

Revision 3
January 1993



The authors wish to thank the U.S. Department of Energy and the Bonneville Power Administration for funding this project. Particular thanks are due to Craig
Wohlgemuth and Joe Flores of Bonneville’s Industrial
Technology Section for their encouragement, direction,
and support. Karen Meadows, Washington State Energy Office’s Industrial Program Manager, Rob Gray,
Vicki Zarrell, and Kim Lyons contributed energy audit
information and a technical review as did Chris Picotte
of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and
Conservation and Artie Dewey of the Idaho Department of Water Resources. Appreciation is also extended to Austin Bonnett of U.S. Electrical
Motors, Jim Raba of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, K.K. Lobodovsky of Pacific Gas
and Electric, James Arndt of Reliance Electric, Gary
Schurter of Marathon Electric, Mike Prater and Andy
Chien of Teco American, Michael Clemente of the
Lincoln Electric Company, Terry Thome of Grainger,
Bill Green of General Electric, James McCormick of
Baldor Electric, John Widstrand of Leeson Electric,
Harold Musolf of Harris Electric Motors, and Dennis
Brown of Seattle Electrical Works for information
and/or review services provided.

This report was prepared by the Washington State Energy Office as an account of work sponsored by the
United States Government. Neither the United States
nor the Bonneville Power Administration, the State of
Washington, the Washington State Energy Office, nor
any of their contractors, subcontractors, or their employees, makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or
assumes any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information,
apparatus, product, or process disclosed within
the report.


BPA Report Summary
High Efficiency Electric Motors


Substantial reductions in energy and operational costs can be achieved
through the use of energy-efficient electric motors. A handbook was
compiled to help industry identify opportunities for cost-effective
application of these motors. It covers the economic and operational
DOE/CE - 0384
Revision 3
January 1993
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