Ethylene Production

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Engineering and technologies

Ethylene production
Technip is a world leader in Ethylene Technology for both
grassroots plants and expansions

Technip profile
Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and
construction for the energy industry.
With a workforce of 40,000 around the world, we constantly offer the best solutions and
most innovative technologies to our clients to meet the world’s energy challenges.
We operate in three main businesses:



In subsea hydrocarbon development,
Technip’s activities include the design,
manufacture and installation of rigid and
flexible subsea pipelines and umbilicals.
Thanks to its portfolio of technologies
and industrial and operational assets,
Technip offers a unique vertically
integrated model in the industry.

In the Offshore business segment
Technip performs engineering,
procurement, construction,
installation, commissioning and the
refurbishment/upgrading of offshore
facilities for the oil and gas industry.

Technip covers the full range of
onshore facilities for the oil and gas
chain, petrochemicals and other
energy industries (nuclear, renewables
including biofuels and offshore wind).
It holds many proprietary cuttingedge technologies and is the leader in
the design and construction of LNG
and gas treatment plants as well as
ethylene, hydrogen and syngas units.

The Group has 3 flexible pipe
manufacturing plants, 4 umbilical
production units, 9 logistics and pipeline
assembly bases, and 1 construction yard.
Technip’s worldwide leadership is
supported by a modern fleet of vessels
for subsea construction, pipelay
development (rigid and flexible pipes
using S-Lay, J-Lay or Reeled technology)
and heavy lift applications.


Technip provides these services for
fixed platforms in shallow water with
conventional sub-structures and
self-installing platforms such as the
TPG 500 and for deepwater facilities
including Spar, semi-submersible, TLP,
FPSO and FLNG units. Technip is a
world leader in floatover installation
of topsides and its R&D effort is
focused technology transfer for local
content and new frontier areas such
as ultra-deepwater and the Arctic.

Technip is also one of the key actors
in refining and petrochemical units,
and has developed a leadership
position in the fertilizer industry.
Moreover, the Group is very active in
non-energy activities such as mining
and metals, life sciences, buildings and

A leader in the Ethylene business

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Technip is a world leader in Ethylene Technology for both
grassroots plants and expansions
Ethylene production
Engineering and technologies
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