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‘Bio’ denotes all things which are connected with life. Firstly man has learnt the use of herbs
for treatment and the knowledge of botany becomes essential for the practitioner of medicine.
Gradually man has learnt to apply laws of physics and chemistry to living things which has led to the
evolution of sciences of biophysics and biochemistry. In recent years, there has been rapid progress
in the field of the health care. The need to effectively utilize high technology equipment and systems
in the health care necessitates the expertise of clinical engineers, hospital physicians and computer
scientists. Hardly any patient today would pass through a hospital or even a family physician’s
chamber without the use of this technology.
The knowledge of basic engineering and the need of biomedical engineers in health care is
increasingly accepted. The biomedical engineering is the inter marriage of engineering and medicine.
The biomedical engineering as a subject has been introduced in the engineering courses to equip the
engineering graduates to work in the health care industry. It is, therefore, essential for engineering
students of almost all disciplines to have a sound knowledge of biomedical engineering. This book is
designed to explain the fundamentals of biomedical engineering in the areas of biomechanics, biofluid
flow, biomaterials, bioinstrumentations and in use of computing in biomedical engineering. Though
this book is chiefly based on the syllabus of Uttar Pradesh Technical University, but an effort has
been made to cover the syllabus of several other universities as well as based on my experience of
I have endeavoured to present a systematic explanation of the basic concepts of the biomedical
engineering by firstly introducing the topics of anatomical terms and planes, ...
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