Health and Safety Management

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OHSAS 18001
Health and Safety


OHSAS 18001 Background

OHSAS 18001:2007 and accompanying OHSAS 18002, Guidelines for the implementation of OHSAS 18001,
have been developed in response to customer demand for a recognizable occupational health and safety
management system standard against which their management system can be assessed and verified.
OHSAS 18001 has been developed to be compatible with ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2004
(Environmental) management systems standards, in order to facilitate the integration of quality,
environmental and occupational health and safety management systems by organisations, should they wish
to do so.
Organisations of all kinds are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound occupational
health and safety (OH&S) performance by controlling their OH&S risks, consistent with their policy and
objectives. They do so in the context of increasingly stringent legislation, the development of policies and
other measures that foster good OH&S practices.
The advantages of an effective OHSAS management
>> •	 Provides a structured approach for
managing OH&S
>> •	 Establishes and maintains a commitment to
occupational health and safety
>> •	 Demonstrates strong commitment to safety
>> •	 Organisational structures in place with clear
roles and responsibilities
>> •	 Existence of a continuous improvement
>> •	

Strong levels of trust and communication

>> •	 Reduction in incident levels with increased
measures of performance.
>> •	 Contributes to business performance by
reducing cost and liabilities.
Organizations which have attained registration through NSAI maintain that it leads to improved internal
and external communications and a more disciplined attitude among employees to health and safety
matters through continuous improvement. OHSAS ensures a consistency of approach, which assures
compliance as a minimum.


MD-19-02 Rev 4

Fundamental Elements of
OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety is based on:
>> Hazard identification
––The process of recognizing that a hazard exists (source or situation with the potential to cause harm
in terms of human injury or ill-health)
>> Risk assessment
––The process of evaluating the risk arising from the hazard (combination of the likelihood of a
hazardous event or exposure and the severity of injury or ill health that can be caused by the event of
>> Determination of applicable control...
OHSAS 18001
Health and Safety
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