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We would like to express our gratitude for your purchase of our autoclave. This brochure covers
the operation method and a simple maintenance method for the Autoclave HV-25/50/85/110 you
now own. We hope that owing to your proper handling the autoclave can demonstrate its full
performance and that you will make regular use of it for a long time.
For optional equipment (0printer, O floating sensor, 0 cooling fan, automatic water supply
equipment), if any, read the attached operation manuals for the equipment.

Please check whether or not the product conforms to your order and confirm that it was not
damaged during transportation, Should it be damaged or out of order, please contact the sales
outlet from which you purchased it.

Be sure to send the enclosed warranty registration card to us.




Q (1) No part of this document may be reproduced without permission.
Q (2) The contents of this document are subject to change without notice.
2 (3) This document has been carefully compiled. If you have any questions or necessary




information uncovered in the document, please contact us or the sales outlet from which
you purchased the product.


Table of Contents
Jun. 1 1, 1996

Description of Revision
Additions and revisions to WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE.
Instructions under "Replacing Lid Packing" in Chapter 4: Maintenance and Service revised.
Instructions for "Operation with a WaSte Disposal Bag" added.
Instructions for "Successive Operations with the Product" added.

Before Using
In this manual the following headwords are applied to items to which great attention should be

WARNING: Precaution indicating an imminent dangerous situation which if not avoided
may lead to death or serious injury.


Precaution indicating a dangerous situation which if not avoided may lead to
moderate or slight injury.

IMPORTANT: Indicates items you are strongly advised to obey.

Items you should pay attention to during operation.

use the autoclave to sterilize the following dangerous objects or substances containing


alkali content. Sterilization of such objects may cause explosion, corrosion of the working
chamber or piping, and deterioration in packing.
List of Dan...
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