Introduction to fluid mechanics

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“Fields and fluids”

Part B:
Introduction to
fluid mechanics
Andy Buffler
Department of Physics
University of Cape Town


Fundamentals of fluid mechanics, 4th Edition, Munson, Young and
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A physical introduction to fluid mechanics, Smits, (Wiley, 2000)
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Video: “The mechanical universe and beyond”
No. 36, Vector fields and hydrodynamics


What do you remember from Physics I ?
(Properties of matter and thermodynamics)
Specific volume
Specific weight
Stress and strain
Young’s modulus
Bulk modulus
Surface tension
Vapour pressure
Thermodynamics: First Law, Second Law, …
Heat capacity
Dimensional analysis.


(The theory of liquids at rest)
A fluid cannot maintain a sheer stress for any length of time.
The measure of ease with which the fluid yields is given by its
It is complicated to include viscosity in our model
→ first ignore viscous effects (frictionless or inviscid flow)
When liquids are at rest there are no shear forces. In a static
fluid the force per unit area across any surface is normal to the
surface and is the same for all orientations of the surface.


Hydrostatistics … 2
The normal force per unit area is the pressure, p.
In a static fluid the pressure must be the same in all directions at
a particular point in the liquid.
The pressure, of course,
surface p = p
may vary from point to
point in the liquid.
For example, in a
p = patm + po − ρ gh
static liquid on
the earth’s surface:
ρ : density (constant)
p = patm + po
patm : atmospheric pressure
po : “gauge” pressure (pressure measured above patm)
“Absolute” pressure = atm pressure + gauge pressure = patm + po 5

Video clip (2.3) A dam wall: For an incompressible fluid at rest the
pressure increases linearly with the fluid depth. As a consequence, large
forces can be developed on plane and curved surfaces in contact with the
fluid. The Hoover Dam, on the Colorado river, is the highest concrete
arch-gravity type of dam in the United States. The water behind Hoover
dam is approximately 220 m deep and ...
Part B:
Introduction to
fluid mechanics
“Fields and fluids”
Andy Buffler
Department of Physics
University of Cape Town
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