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Destructive Lightning
Lightning, an universal, permanent and natural phenomenon, causes considerable
damages every year. It costs billions of euros to a country’s economy, and kills thousand of
persons. It is enough destructive in all over the world to concern everybody, all the countries,
regions and fields of activities.
With the coming of high technologies, the omnipresence of components more and more
sensitive and expensive equipment, protect ourselves against the devastating effects of
Lightning, is an evident priority and Franklin France a partner wishful to be.

Lightning, our job - Franklin France,
the Reference
Created in 1980, the activity of Franklin France is based on the Global Approach to Lightning
protection. Many times awarded for its innovations, the company never stopped to carry out
new solutions and appears like The Reference for all your problems linked to Lightning.
Leader acknowledged in this field of activity, it obtained the responsibility of the studies and
supply of global solutions for yards the most important in France and abroad.

Franklin France, experts of the Lightning to
your service
A complete range of products of quality and undeniable "know-how" of its teams, allows
Franklin France company to offer solutions totally adapted to each situation and with the
best cost.
Based on its Engineering and installations Franklin Assistance® services, Franklin France
realizes for the account of consultants and its contractors, the whole proceeding useful to
the good march of risks assessment projects and the checking of the installations.

Franklin France, the Lightning phenomenon at
least adapted to yourself
With its C3F® training centre, Franklin France brings within somebody comprehension, the
Lightning phenomenon and proposes you a complete range of training adapted to your
needs for the prescription, distribution, the choice and installation of protection systems
against Lightning.

"It pleased God out of his love for humanity to allow
men to discover the means of protecting their homes
from damage caused by thunder and lightning".
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Franklin France, the solution for all your
Lightning problems
Franklin France company is present all over the world, with several tens of thousand
lightning conductors and overvoltage protection products.
Franklin France manufactures and commercializes products destined to tertiary and
industrial sectors in compliance w...
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