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ABB technologies
that changed the

ABB technologies that
changed the world
ABB has a long history and a rich heritage of technology
innovation. ABB and its forerunners, Asea and BBC, not
only invented or pioneered many power and automation
technologies, but has retained technology and market
leadership in many of these areas, often for decades.
This brochure presents some of the technologies that
have shaped the world we live in today.

Fully automatic power system for operating sugar centrifuges in 1943

2 | ABB technologies that changed the world

High-voltage DC transmission
Variable speed drives
Industrial robots
Extended automation
Marine propulsion systems
Flexible AC transmission systems
Network management
Crane systems


ABB technologies that changed the world | 3

High-voltage direct current,
Prior to the 1950s, high-voltage direct current (HVDC)
transmission delivering large quantities of electricity over
long distances with low losses was impossible. The
technology simply did not exist.
The problem lay in switching between alternating current
(AC) and direct current (DC). AC electricity is produced by
generators and powers most types of electrical devices,
but DC electricity is needed for efficient, high-voltage
transmission. Mechanical switching apparatus designed
to convert AC into DC and vice versa proved unworkable.
And the only alternative, mercury-arc valves, could not
operate at sufficiently high voltages.
But by the early 1950s, developments in current conversion technology led by Asea, ABB’s Swedish forerunner,
enabled the company to build the world’s first commercial HVDC power link, between the Swedish mainland
and the island of Gotland. This gave islanders access to
reliable supplies of cheap electricity from the Swedish
mainland and the local economy flourished.
Since the installation of this 100-km long, mostly undersea cable, ABB has continued to develop HVDC technology, replacing the fragile mercury-arc valves in the 1970s
with semiconductor devices, and maintains its lead in
HVDC technology to the present day. To date, ABB has
installed 60,000 megawatts (MW) of HVDC transmission
capacity in 70 projects, and is a market leader in the
manufacture of high-voltage transmission cable as well.

Pulling the Gotland cable ashore in 1950. The power link connected the
island to Sweden’s mainland power grid, supporting the development of
the island’s economy.

Laying cables ...
ABB technologies
that changed the
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