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Solidworks Lesson 5 - Assembly
Configurations and Motion
UCF Engineering

During the last lesson we learned how to
construct assemblies using the basic mating
constraints that are present in SolidWorks.
The first thing that we are going to do this
lesson is look at how we can create alternate
configurations for the assembly, in order to
represent exploded or section views.

Begin by opening the assembly that we created last

Configuration Manager
Oftentimes, when we are creating assemblies
we want to show an exploded view which
illustrates to the reader how to
assemble/disassemble the part.
SolidWorks provides us an excellent tool in the
Configuration Manager to allow us to
construct exploded views of our part.

Configuration Manager
Using the configuration manager we can create
different “configurations” of our part which we
can turn on and off on the fly.
This way, we only have to create a view one
time, then we can display it at any point with
the click of a button.

Configuration Manager
Click the THIRD TAB that is with the
Feature and Property Manager.

To create an EXPLODED view. RIGHT CLICK on

Property Manager
will then open.

Creating an Exploded View

Click on one of the HEX Nuts. You
will see it appear under settings.
You will also see an axis. Click
and Hold on any chosen direction
to DRAG the part away from the
main assembly. Click on the
vertical arrow and drag the hex
nut below.
You will then see an “explode
step”. Double click on this and
change the distance to 0.05m.

then DONE!

Creating an Exploded View
Repeat procedure for second hex nut
then repeat for each hex screw. The
screw should be pulled UPWARD and the
distance set to 0.07m. Repeat for other

Creating an Exploded View
Now click on the lower
saddle and move it
downward 0.025 m.

Creating an Exploded View
Click OK in configuration
manager or hit OK to exit
sketch. You should see
after exiting a NEW

If you RIGHT CLICK on the
original assembly, you can
collapse the assembly.

Likewise, if you RIGHT CLICK
on the assembly again in
configuration manager, you can
EXPLODE the assembly.

Animating Configurations
To animate the
collapse/explode, right click
on the configuration and
choose ANIMATE
You can have it continue to
explode and collapse if the
pressed on the Animation

Kinematics in Solidworks
So far we have been making s...
Solidworks Lesson 5 - Assembly
Configurations and Motion
UCF Engineering
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