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BP Energy Outlook 2035
January 2014

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15/01/2014 14:16


This presentation contains forward-looking statements, particularly those regarding global
economic growth, population growth, energy consumption, policy support for renewable
energies and sources of energy supply. Forward-looking statements involve risks and
uncertainties because they relate to events, and depend on circumstances, that will or may
occur in the future. Actual outcomes may differ depending on a variety of factors, including
product supply, demand and pricing; political stability; general economic conditions; legal and
regulatory developments; availability of new technologies; natural disasters and adverse
weather conditions; wars and acts of terrorism or sabotage; and other factors discussed
elsewhere in this presentation.
Energy Outlook 2035


© BP 2014



Outlook 2035: Global energy trends


Liquid fuels


Natural gas


Coal and non-fossil fuels


Carbon emissions and the fuel mix




Energy Outlook 2035


© BP 2014

Welcome to the 2014 edition of BP’s Energy Outlook.
Published for the 4th time, the annual Energy Outlook reflects our best effort to describe a
“most likely” trajectory of the global energy system, based on our views of likely
economic and population growth, as well as developments in policy and technology. The
Outlook, like its sister publication, the Statistical Review of World Energy, is the result of
intensive analysis by our Economics Team; both documents have deservedly become
standard references for those with an interest in energy.
Of course the future is uncertain: the numbers that make up this Outlook are less
important than the long-term trends, the possible forks in the road ahead, and the choices
they pose for decision makers in government and business.
This edition of the Outlook raises three big questions: Will the world have sufficient
energy to fuel continued economic growth? Will that energy be secure? And will it be
On the first question, our answer is a resounding “Yes”. We project that global energy
consumption will rise by 41% by 2035, with 95% of that growth coming from rapidlygrowing emerging economies. That growth rate is slower than what we have seen in
previous decades, largely as a result of increasing energy efficiency. Trends in global
technology, investment and policy leave us c...
BP Energy Outlook 2035
January 2014
2013_02_15_BP_34621_A5Energy_outlook_LM.indd 22013_02_15_BP_34621_A5Energy_outlook_LM.indd 2 15/01/2014 14:1615/01/2014 14:16
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