Oil refinery process

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With Europe’s number one steel location induced these of the
ThyssenKrupp Steel blast furnaces in Schwelgern (Schengen) here hot
metal is smelted to produce high quality steel mainly for use in the
automotive industry what few people realize is the quality about shiny car
body, it depend on these are the …. coke lump. Coke, at the 10
of the
millennium within sight of the Schwelgern (Schengen) and blast furnaces
ThyssenKrupp Steel constructed the world’s most modern coking plant as
a replacement for the old plant it now produces 2.6 million metric tons of
Coke annually with a tremendous consumption of raw materials and
energy. why is that necessary, why is gray lump so indispensable in blast
furnaces let’s digress briefly into the world of chemistry. Ions chemical
symbol is Fe but I had doesn’t exist in its pilaf all that extracted iron ore
mines derives my biology invisible is an oxide ion oxygen compound
which, before shaped costal road the oxygen must be removed and that’s
wet coat comes in it consists of common chemical symbol C which
readily binds with oxygen and a pretty hot conditions such as in the blast
furnace in these cause of the blast furnace areas preheated up to almost
1200°C is at the blast is blown into the bottom of the furnace part of the
Coke burns in the heat in common atoms combined with an oxygen atom
higher up in the furnace this common monoxide absorbs oxygen from the
iron oxide becomes carbon dioxide the blast furnaces filled with a layer
of iron oxide and a layer of Coke allowing the’ reaction to continue as it
rises the comp dioxide again gives often on the few to partial combustion
of the next layer of code then the common monoxide again binds with an
oxygen atom from the iron oxide himself with this reduction company of
the reason why steelmakers invest so much money in order to produce
Common for reduction also be found towards natural gas plastics residues
and coal and yet none of them can do what Can do a simple
demonstration the truck drives over a pot of cold and now over a part of
Coke the couple of hundred kilograms pressing down on the Coke has no
effect I’ll remains and permeable thousands of tons of coke piled up in a
blast furnace code is the only common area which can withstand this lens
and still allow avid gas the positive result premium hot metal for high-
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