Porsche Classic

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Porsche Classic
Radio navigation system

The latest technology in a classic car?
Yes, because it’s a Porsche.
The Porsche Classic radio navigation system.
The new Porsche Classic radio

three AV inputs, one of which is on

navigation system with 3.5-inch

the front. A remote control and

TFT LCD touchscreen is a

subwoofer output complete the

tech­nical masterpiece. Thanks to

package. The amplifier delivers

its vintage design references, it

4 x 45 watts and the system

will complement the interior of

comes with an AM/FM RDS radio

any classic Porsche vehicle (not

including automatic station search.

available for the 356 models;

You can play CDs, a variety of

­limited functionality of the cover

DVD formats and MP3 files. The

plate for 911 Models from

four-band equalizer sweeps the

1974 to 1981). The ­system repre-

sound in Classic, Pop or Rock

sents state-of-the-art technology,

modes. A dial on the left-hand

­featuring two SD card slots, a

side controls the volume and a

Bluetooth ® handsfree kit and a

rocker switch (no twisting) on

combined DVD/CD player. What’s

the right-hand side is used to

more, this slimline radio naviga-

locate your chosen ­station.

tion system has a resolution of

The new Porsche Classic radio

480 x 234 pixels. A USB port

navi­gation system will be available

means you can playback from

from all European Porsche

­other media sources and there

Centres and includes up-to-date

are also two video outputs and

maps for Europe.

Price list.
Complete units:
t TMC)
Navi (withou
not avai

Porsche Classic
radio navigation system
excl. TMC

€ 595 excl. sales tax*
Spare parts radio navigation system:**

€ 19.90 excl. sales tax*

Replacement Classic
with ‘PORSCHE’ logo
without ‘PORSCHE’ logo

€ 250 excl. sales tax*

GPS antenna

€ 35 excl. sales tax*

Porsche Classic
radio navigation system
incl. TMC and ‘PORSCHE’ logo
incl. TMC without ‘PORSCHE’ logo

€ 655 excl. sales tax*

Maps and software

€ 150 excl. sales tax*

Full installation
at Porsche Classic
of your Porsche Classic
radio navigation system***
incl. GPS antenna, microphone
and wiring
Price on request.

* As at 1 April 2011; pricing subject to change.
** Spare parts included in the scope of delivery.
*** Full installation is carried out at the Porsche Classic Workshop, Harteneckstr. 25,
71691 ...
Porsche Classic
Radio navigation system
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