SIMATIC WinCC flexible - Flexibility in any HMI application –from Micro Panel to PC

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SIMATIC WinCC flexible
Flexibility in any HMI application –
from Micro Panel to PC
Brochure • August 2008


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© Siemens AG 2008

SIMATIC WinCC flexible
Flexibility and security of investment
SIMATIC HMI (Human Machine Interface) offers you a
broad range of operator panels and PCs for all HMI tasks.
Two families of software are available for configuration.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible: Machine and process-level operator control and process monitoring
SIMATIC WinCC flexible is the innovative HMI software
under Windows for all machine level applications in machine,
series-machine and plant construction. The range of operator
panels extends from Micro Panels, that are designed for applications with SIMATIC S7-200 controllers, to on-site solutions
with SIMATIC Panel PCs or PCs.
WinCC flexible stands for maximum configuration efficiency:
Libraries with preassembled objects, reusable faceplates,
intelligent tools extending to automated text translation for
multilingual projects.
WinCC flexible Runtime provides basic HMI functionality on
PCs, including alarming and logging systems, at an affordable
price and can be expanded with options. The runtime functionality available on the SIMATIC devices depends on the
respective class of device.
Concepts with "Sm@rtClients" and servers facilitate plantwide access to tags and graphics, distributed operator stations
as well as remote operation and diagnostics via the Internet –
also in conjunction with SIMATIC Panels.


SIMATIC WinCC flexible

SIMATIC WinCC: Scalable process visualization
For more complex PC-based applications in plant construction, the SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system is available. WinCC offers complete SCADA (Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition) functionality under Windows for all sectors.
The range of applications extends single-user down to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and crosslocation solutions with web clients. With the integrated process database (MS SQL server), WinCC forms the information
hub for company-wide, vertical integration.
Thanks to the unique integration of Totally Integrated Automation you can take advantage of the unrivalled interaction of
all of our products and systems – even across different generations. This means you are protecting your investments while
taking advantage of future developments at the same time. As
the core of Totally Integrate...