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Handbook of

World Steel Standards
Th i r d Ed i t i o n

Jo h n E . B r i ng a s , Ed i to r











Handbook of Comparative
World Steel Standards
Third Edition

John E. Bringas, Editor


Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Handbook of comparative world steel standards / John E. Bringas, editor. – 2 ed.
p.cm – (ASTM data series; DS 67A)
“ASTM stock number: DS67A.”
ISBN 0-8031-3042-2
1. Steel — Standards —Handbooks, manuals, etc., 2. Steel alloys — Standards — Handbooks,
manuals, etc. I. Bringas, John E., 1953- II. ASTM data series publication; DS 67A.
TA472.H25 2002

Copyright © 2004 ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA. All rights reserved. This material may not be
reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, in any printed, mechanical electronic, film, or other distribution and
storage media, without the written consent of the publisher.

Photocopy Rights
Authorization to photocopy items for internal, personal, or educational classroom use, or the
internal personal, or education classroom use of specific clients, is granted by the American Society
for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) provided that the appropriate fee is paid to the
Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923; Tel: 978-750-8400; online:

Printed in USA
August 2004

Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards


The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Michael Ling, P.Eng. and Denise Lamy,
P.Eng., who were the Assistant Editors of the second (DS67A) and third (DS67B) editions of this
handbook. They worked many long hours, weekends, and holidays to researching hundreds of
standards and double-checking thousands of pieces of data. Their work in compiling the heat
treatment terms for each standard and researching the new EN piping and tubing standards was of
particular importance. They were also my main sounding boards when difficult technical decisions
had to be made.
There were also several ASTM committee members contacted for their input during the progress of
this handbook, including Ralph Davison, Frank Christensen, David Knupp, and John Mahaney.
They added valuable insights into the history and technical aspects of the ASTM standards data
found in this handbook. The ASTM publishing staff—including Kathy Dernoga, Roberta Storer and
Margie Lawlor—was most support...
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