Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1

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Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1

Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1
Key features

• High-performance valves in sturdy
metal housing
• Individual electrical connection via
square plug sockets or via round
plug sockets
• Valve replacement under pressure
possible using vertical pressure
shut-off plate
• Reverse operation
• Vacuum operation


• Modular system offering a range of
configuration options
• Conversions and extensions are
possible at any time
• Integration of innovative function
modules possible
– Regulator plate
– Flow control plate
– Vertical pressure shut-off plate
– Vertical supply plate
• Vertical supply plates permit a
flexible air supply and variable
pressure zones
• Wide range of valve functions
• Extensive operating voltage range
from 12 V DC to 230 V AC


• Sturdy and durable metal
– Valves
– Horizontal stacking plates
– Vertical stacking plates
• Fast troubleshooting thanks to LEDs
– in the plug socket or
– in the illuminating seal or
– in the valve
• Reliability of service thanks to
valves that can be replaced easily
and quickly
• Manual override
• Durable thanks to the use of
tried-and-tested piston spool valves

Easy to assemble
• Secure wall mounting or H-rail
• Combi manifolds of width 18 mm
and 26 mm
• Plug-in pressure gauges on the
pressure regulator

Subject to change – 2013/08

Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1
Key features
Individual valve manifold
Signal status display via illuminating seal
Signal status display via LED

Pilot valve with pneumatic interface
to ISO 15218

Manual override

Various voltages
One valve series for different flow
Various valve functions
Blanking plate for vacant/
expansion position

Equipment options
5/2-way valve
• Single solenoid, pneumatic or
spring return
• Double solenoid
• Double solenoid with dominant
signal at 14

QS push-in fittings with external

2x 3/2-way valve, single solenoid
• Normally open
• Normally open, reversible
(on request)
• Normally closed
• Normally closed, reversible
(on request)

5/3-way valve, single solenoid
• 1x normally open, 1x normally
• 1x normally open, 1x normally
closed, reversible (on request)

• Mid-position valve
– Normally open
– Normally closed
– Normally exhausted
2x 2/2-way valve, single solenoid
• Normally closed

Special features
Operation with external pilot air
• For vacuum applications
• For working pressures lower than
3 bar
• For...
Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1
Solenoid/pneumatic valves, ISO 15407-1 - Trang 2
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