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Warnings, Cautions, and Notes
as Used in this Publication
Warning notices are used in this publication to emphasize that hazardous voltages, currents,
temperatures, or other conditions that could cause personal injury exist in this equipment or
may be associated with its use.
In situations where inattention could cause either personal injury or damage to equipment, a
Warning notice is used.

Caution notices are used where equipment might be damaged if care is not taken.

Notes merely call attention to information that is especially significant to understanding and
operating the equipment.

This document is based on information available at the time of its publication. While efforts
have been made to be accurate, the information contained herein does not purport to cover all
details or variations in hardware or software, nor to provide for every possible contingency in
connection with installation, operation, or maintenance. Features may be described herein
which are not present in all hardware and software systems. GE Fanuc Automation assumes
no obligation of notice to holders of this document with respect to changes subsequently made.
GE Fanuc Automation makes no representation or warranty, expressed, implied, or statutory
with respect to, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency, or
usefulness of the information contained herein. No warranties of merchantability or fitness for
purpose shall apply.

©Copyright 1997 GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.


This section describes the safety precautions related to the use of CNC units. It is essential that these precautions
be observed by users to ensure the safe operation of machines equipped with a CNC unit (all descriptions in this
section assume this configuration). Note that some precautions are related only to specific functions, and thus
may not be applicable to certain CNC units.
Users must also observe the safety precautions related to the machine, as described in the relevant manual supplied
by the machine tool builder. Before attempting to operate the machine or create a program to control the operation
of the machine, the operator must become fully familiar with the contents of this manual and relevant manual
supplied by the machine tool builder.


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