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>Optical rotary 		



Datalogic Industrial Automation is an
industry-leader in products and solutions for
material handling, traceability, inspection and
detection applications.
With the acquisitions of Accu-Sort and PPT Vision
in 2012, the company offers a comprehensive
portfolio of products, technologies and solutions
delivered by a team of skilled professionals
dedicated in providing superior service to
Datalogic is the partner of choice for organizations
in the Industrial Automation market.


Factory Automation

Sensors & Safety

•	Automotive
•	Electronics
•	Food & Beverage
•	General Manufacturing
•	Healthcare - Pharmaceutical

Transportation & Logistics
•	Airports
•	Courier, Express Parcel (CEP)
•	Postal
•	Retail Distribution

Product portfolio
Datalogic Industrial Automation has the most
comprehensive offering of products and solutions
for traceability, inspection and detection
applications in factory automation and logistics
processes: industrial LASER scanners, cameras
and vision systems, sensors, machine safety
devices and LASER markers.

Even the most demanding and efficient automation of identification processes
can leverage Datalogic Industrial Automation’s leadership in the market. We
manufacture the world’s most comprehensive family of fixed-mount line and
omnidirectional scanners.
We also offer the latest CCD vision technology with the world’s largest installed base
of CCD systems for bar code reading and dimensioning.
All of our AUTO-ID products and solutions leverage the broadest decoding library
that has been developed through the years. Datalogic’s comprehensive AUTO-ID
portfolio is used in a wide range of applications and machines which are behind
many of the everyday processes that keeps the global economy running.

Datalogic Industrial Automation offers a best-in-class, comprehensive product portfolio
of photoelectric and proximity sensors, rotary encoders, temperature controllers and
measurement devices, as well as type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains.
These product lines provide solutions for applications involving color, contrast and
luminescence, label detection, dimensional and distance measurement, in addition to
machine safeguarding and access control in dangerous areas.

Machine Vision
The Datalogic Industrial Automation machine vision product line encompasses both
hardware and software while covering a wide range of perfor...
>Optical rotary
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