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Locking devices

Locking devices


Lock nuts
Two different designs
General data


Product tables
KMT precision lock nuts
KMTA precision lock nuts


Stepped sleeves
Two different designs
General data


Dimension tables
Stepped sleeves




6 Locking devices

Locking devices
Locking devices for the axial location of
high-precision bearings on the shaft must
be made very accurately. Normal design
lock nuts with locking washers are not
entirely suitable for high-precision bearings
because of the relatively large manufacturing
tolerance for the thread and the abutment
surfaces, which may lead to shaft deformation
and alterations in the axis of rotation. They
should provide even support for the inner
ring around its whole circumference,
preventing shaft deformation, particularly
under conditions of heavy preload. They
should also be simple to mount and
dismount. To meet the high demands of
machine tool applications, both technically
and economically, SKF produces precision
lock nuts, and also developed the stepped

SKF lock nuts of the KMT and KMTA
designs were developed for use with highprecision bearings and their dimensions
were chosen to match. KMT and KMTA nuts
have both locking pins and differ principally
in their external form and also, in part, in the
pitch of the thread.
Stepped sleeves are pressure joints with
two fitting surfaces, of slightly different
diameters, arranged adjacent to each other.
They enable bearing arrangements having
high running accuracy to be produced.
The sleeves are not supplied by SKF but
recommendations regarding design and
suitable dimensions are given in the
relevant section (page 276).

Lock nuts
Two different designs
SKF manufactures two different types of
precision lock nuts with locking pins: the
KMT and the KMTA. Both enable bearings
and other components to be simply and
reliably located in the axial direction on
shafts, with high accuracy. Their special
design feature consists of three sintered
steel locking-pins, which are equally spaced
around the circumference. These pins are
pressed against the shaft thread by grub
screws with an internal hexagon and
prevent the nut from turning. Mounting is
easy and the design simple. Additional
locking washers or slots in the shaft are not
required. The locking pins and grub screws

The locking pins and grub screws are arranged at
the same angle to the shaft as that of the thread


are arranged at ...
Locking devices
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Lock nuts 261
Two different designs 261
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KMT precision lock nuts 266
KMTA precision lock nuts 270
Stepped sleeves 274
Two different designs 274
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Stepped sleeves 279
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