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Rethink Possible
AT&T Inc. 2012 Annual Report

2012 financial highlights
Continued MOMENTUM in Growth Drivers
For full-year 2012, excluding our divested Advertising Solutions business unit, 81 percent of
AT&T’s $126.4 billion in revenues came from our key growth drivers, which grew nearly 6 percent.

19% 28%

of total revenues grew
nearly 6% year over year


Wireline Data/
Managed IT Services


Excluding Advertising Solutions, AT&T’s full-year 2012 revenues grew 2.4 percent versus 2011.





Reported $127.4B
Reported $126.7B

Strong Earnings Growth
Excluding significant items, 2012 full-year EPS grew 8.5 percent year over year.





Reported $1.25
Reported $0.66

Record Cash Generation
AT&T generated best-ever cash from operations and free cash flow in 2012, which let us
return a record $23 billion in cash to shareowners, including dividends and share buybacks.
Free cash flow is cash from operations minus capital expenditures.

Free Cash Flow

Cash from Operations




AT&T Inc.


To our investors

••• A year ago we talked candidly about the issues
our company faced and how we intended to address
them. Our number one priority was to add spectrum,
the airwaves that carry our customers’ mobile
communications. We also said we would accelerate
our company’s shift to growth businesses. And I made
it clear that we would take steps to further improve our
capital structure and return value to our shareowners.

We took these objectives head-on, executed for our customers,
and as a result, we have significantly strengthened how AT&T
is positioned for the years ahead. Here’s what we’ve done:
• We signed nearly 50 transactions last year
to add new, high-quality mobile capacity —
including WCS spectrum that previously was not
available for mobile broadband. This increased
our average nationwide spectrum holdings by
a third, which gives us a good runway to deliver
further innovation and growth.
• With this newly acquired spectrum as a
foundation, we launched our company’s most
comprehensive organic growth plan in several
decades. Called Project Velocity IP — VIP, this plan
will let us reach millions more customers with
advanced technology and new services.
In addition to these strategic steps, we added more
customers to our growth platforms and increased
overall revenues, which allowed us to continue
robust investment in network...
Rethink Possible
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