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VRay for SketchUp Manual

Neji Orion

Page 1

MỤC LỤC ………………
1. Before you Start Rendering
2. Understanding Default Settings
3. Render Options
o Save and Load Option Settings
o Two ways to assign materials in V-Ray
4. Material Editor
o Diffuse Layer
o Adding a new Material
o How to duplicate a material
o How to change the name of a material
o How to remove a material
o How to export material
o How to import new material
o How to pack material
o Another three selections
o Purge unused materials
5. Material Usage
6. Add Lights
7. The Characteristics of Rectangular Light
o Size does matter
o Shadows change according to the size
o Impact on reflective objects due to visible and
invisible rectangle light

o Double Sided Option
o Light Units
8. Material: Reflection Layer
o Adding Reflection Layer
o Fresnel Reflections
9. Reflections and Highlights
10. Other Parameters
o Reflection Glossiness
o Reflection Filter
11. Refraction Layer
o Add Refraction Layer
o Controlling the Amount of Transparency
o The color of refractive materials
o Fog Settings Explained
o Adjusting Refraction IOR
o The Glossiness of Refractive Materials
o Shadows of Refractive Materials
o Double-Sided Material
o Translucent Material
12. Emissive Materials
o Add Emissive Layer
o Adjust the Intensity
o Adjust the Color
o Emissive Textures
13. Texture Mapping
14. Bump Maps
15. Alpha Contribution
16. Displacement
o Adding Displacement
o Displacement Parameters
o Adjusting Displacement
17. Transparency Mapping
o What is Transparency Mapping
18. V-Ray Two-Sided Material
o Adding a V-Ray Two-Sided Material
o Working with V-Ray Two-Sided Material
19. V-Ray for SketchUp Two-Sided Material
o Adding a V-Ray for SketchUp Two-Sided

Neji Orion

Working with V-Ray for SketchUp Two-Sided

Page 2

20. V-Ray Angular Blend Material
21. Environment Lighting
o Interior or Exterior?
o Techniques for adjusting illumination
o HDR Environment Light Source
o Bitmap Environment Light Source
o Environment Light source for semi-open space
22. Choosing different Render Engines
o Classification of Light Bounces
o Primary Engine: Irradiance Map
o Primary/Secondary

o Secondary Engine: Light Cache
23. Lighting Dialog Box
24. Light and Shadow
o The Quality of Shadow
o Radius for Shadow edge
o The Shadow Color
25. Depth of Field
o What is Depth of Field?
o How to find out the focal distance
o Size of Aperture
26. Physical Camera
o Type of Camera
o Exposure
o Adjusting Expos...
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